5 Reasons to Personalize Your Gifts this Christmas

5 Reasons to Personalize Your Gifts with Engravings this Christmas

If your love language is receiving gift, then its guaranteed that you love giving gifts as well as getting them. And, let’s face it, there’s no feeling quite like unwrapping a box with that one thing you’ve been crushing on or that’s been on your wish-list for a while.

What we also know is that it’s not always easy to find the right gift and, the anxiety of whether they’ll like what you’ve chosen is real!

But, even the wrong gift becomes right when it’s engraved with the message in your heart. Secret sauce, that’s what we think it is. Personalized engravings add that oomph to your gift that’s guaranteed to turn your crush into mush. Trust us, we’ve been doing gifts for a while. You’ll want to spring for this special touch.

The big question for some is, why spend additional cash to personalize an already great gift? Well, who wouldn’t want to have their item personalized? Think about it, what’s the feeling you get when you think - monogram? Instant images of exclusivity and elegance rise up in your mind, right. You not only think elegance you probably also think character, uniqueness and flair. All that and more is wrapped up in a personalized engraving.

We can give you 5 really great reasons why we think personalizing your gift is guaranteed to get you lots of love and score you some additional brownie points. And, who doesn’t want to earn brownie points?

1.  Adds Deeper Meaning

A personalized engraving adds deeper meaning to an already great surprise. It says, I though long and hard about this and you’re worth the time and effort I put in. It also enhances the message that ‘I really want to make you happy.’ We get happy just thinking about making your special person happy. Add it to your purchase today.

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2. Engravings are timeless

Engravings are timeless and, much like carving your initials in a tree, they are an excellent way to immortalize the moment or inside joke only you understand, or even mark off a milestone you achieved together. Whatever the moment, whoever gets that gift will appreciate it even more. Don’t think about it, go ahead and do it now.


3.  Shows That You Care

Personalized engravings send the message that ‘I notice’ and ‘I care about the little things.’ They say actions speak louder than words but we think actions have so much more impact when you add ‘your words’ into the mix. Say it the way only you can today. 

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4.  Make Your Mark

Like the medieval family crests, banners and standards which hung from castles walls and were flown proudly from turrets, engravings are visually powerful and send a strong message of heredity and nobility. Mark off your history, burn your memorial. Now is a good time to get your initials or insignia engraved on that gift.


5.  Makes The PERFECT Gift

Engravings are the icing on the cake, They are the perfect finish to a great gift. Did we say PERFECT? Yes, perfect! Whoever said you couldn’t add to perfection, wasn’t thinking about engravings. Add that finishing touch to your gift today.

That’s it! Nothing more needs to be said. Go ahead and shop the The Dusty Saw store now for awesome wooden gifts for your special person. Then add a personalized engraving to mark that one of a kind moment and send the right message.