Groomsmen Favorite Guy Gifts For 2023

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Best friends and Boyz 4 Life, that’s what you are. He’s had your back since you were - who even remembers how old - and you’ve seen it all together… well, almost all. If you ever got caught in a fight or came up short, this guy right here was sure to come through for you.

Now you’re about to walk down the aisle and there’s no one, and you mean no one, you’d want to stand up beside you except for this man. He is, no pun intended, the BEST MAN you know, the BEST SIDEKICK and even your fiancé thinks so. There’s no one you’d rather have ride shotgun in this moment. Now the big question is, what do you get your best bud to mark the occasion? After all you’re only gonna do this once.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! We have the trifecta of amazing groomsmen gifts. And, we’re bout to drop the scoop on the trending gifts for Best-men and Groomsmen. These gifts can be purchased as a set or they can be bought separately. Either way, they’ll look great and be a hit with the guys in your crew.


Wooden watches are one of the best trends out there that’s fashionable, flashy and functional all at the same time. The Dusty Saw has the best selection of watches to suit the style of every guy you know.

The great things you get to choose whether to buy individual wooden watches that match their personalities or to keep it uniform by buying a single set. The bonus is that you can have them all engraved for FREE. Tailor each engraving with a special message, monogram or even a special symbol.

Step up the game by choosing to get wooden watches. Now there’s a fresh new idea for your wedding party. Hit stout of the park with a photo of you and the guys or even a sign or symbol for your crew.

The Dusty Saw is versatile, we CAN DO, whatever you choose. Here’s an even greater hint - get one for the Fathers-in-law too. You’ll be glad you did.


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Every guy needs a leather wallet and you get to present each man with a smooth, compact personalized leather wallet. Made from the finest leather, each wallet is 4.5 in x 3.25 in.

This wallet features a 10  pocket card case and leather RFID blocking lined inner pocket. Simple and stylish with a personalized engraving, this is the perfect gift for your crew.

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Give the wallet a rest and step into functional sophistication with the Dusty Saw’s eco inspired leather money clip.

Whether you’ve got big stacks comin’ out the safe or bills on a roll, Dusty Saw’s money clips are perfect for the guys. Get them engraved for free with names, dates or the initials of your crew.

groomsmen gift set, leather wallet, personalised wallet

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