He 'Wood' Love these Gifts for the 5-year Anniversary Celebration!

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Are you going to hit the big five? First off, a hearty congratulations to be near half a decade of your relationship. Making a marriage work is no piece of cake! It demands compromise, trust, love, empathy, and understanding. Clearly, you have nailed the first five pillars so on to the next five!  

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This calls for a celebration-and a big one at that! It is customary that the fifth year anniversary gift be wood, symbolizing the strength and resilience of your marriage.

To make your job simpler, we have rounded a list of 5 wooden gifts for your husband.


Classic Wooden Pocket Watch

pocket watch


Make your man’s time better with this super classy pocket wooden watch. With contrasting hues of brown, this watch is nothing short of beautiful.

Paired with stainless steel to make the pocket watch more durable, emulating your marriage, it will last him for years to come.

Apart from its obvious benefits, the reason this watch made it to the top of our list is its personalization factor! Get your husband’s name or your anniversary date engraved at the back of this wood pocket watch to make the gift even more special than it already is.


Trendy Wooden Sunglasses

How many times has your husband accidentally sat on his sunglasses? Countless, we reckon. Chances are, he broke one just as we talk. Honestly, it’s not even his fault. The sunglasses you get are made from flimsy material that breaks easily.

wooden sunglasses

To mark your fifth anniversary, get him something strong and durable, just like your relationship! We recommend a trendy pair of wooden sunglasses that he would rock like a model.

Made from natural ebony wood, the glasses not only look sexy but are also lightweight to carry around easily. They offer 100% UV protection, rendering them the perfect gift with summers approaching.


Wooden Bow Tie

wooden bow ties, anniversary gift ideas for him

Are you tired of going over all the lists and articles on the most monotonous gifts for him? When the occasion is so special, how can any run-off-the-mill gift suffice?

Taking special care of your wooden requirements for the fifth-year mark, we bring to you the most unique gift idea: a wooden bow tie!

The classic bow tie is made from natural wood and comes with an elegant grey pocket square and wooden cuff-links to match. Let him suit up in this unique attire and receive even more compliments than you!


Timeless Watch for Him

wooden watch, engraved wood watch, personalized wooden watch

Wood never goes out of style, so rest assured, this gift would lend him support for a lifetime. Simple yet sophisticated, this timeless piece comes in an elegant golden wood color, perfect for everyday wear.  

The lightweight wood watch will not weigh heavily on his wrist at work and provide maximum functionality. Every time he checks the time, it will remind him of the love you two share.


With so many wooden gift ideas for him, we bet you are spoiled for choice! Your man will love any of these unique gifts to celebrate this momentous occasion.


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