Dusty Saw Gift Ideas For Your Dad And Mom

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Shopping for gifts for the people in your life can be great,when you know exactly what they want and where to get it.

But let’s face it, it’s very rare when we know exactly what they want, and, having to buy gifts happens several times a year. So what do you do after you got them the one thing they wanted? what do you do?  

So, we at the DUSTY SAW were talking about gift giving the other day, and just how tough it can be trying to shop for gifts for the different people in our lives.

 We ended up with a good laugh sifting through the different types of giftee’s that we have to shop for, and the lengths we go to, to ferret out information secretly (which, by the way, rarely works), and still we end up not knowing just what to get them.

 The great thing is because we’ve been down that road we can help you avoid some of the traps by suggesting some great gifts ideas from the DUSTY SAW that we think will definitely get you in their good books.

So let’s talk how to shop: 


--- Mom “I don’t know honey save your money,” does that sound familiar?

Moms can be the easiest and hardest people to shop for. Easy because they’ll be happy with just about anything that you give them but, hard because you always wanna get them something really nice.

So, here’s our idea/ pick for a great gift




The general consensus is dads are never easy to shop for. And, you really don’t want to settle for the go to gifts like the tie or sweater and electronics. Definitely not the tie pins! While dads may be hard to figure out there’s one thing they all have in common - they love to be appreciated. And, here’s what we discovered – their alter egos are secret agents, spy superheroes at heart. You CAN get away with giving them that superhero gift.

Here’s our pick:

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This will certainly take him on a caper through across the globe. And the best part is, this wooden watch, it’s affordable.


Do we have your attention? Great, that means you’ll definitely come back to see what we think about the rest of the family.

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